Building on Stellar Classic and Soroban.

Developing solutions on the Stellar Network.

We are building projects on the Stellar Network. Currently, our biggest interest lies in Soroban, a smart contracts platform designed to work perfectly on Stellar.

Since the early release from August (and some tinkering in July), our team has been working closely with testing and building contracts through Rust’s Soroban SDK (which we also contributed to, and plan to contribute more!).

Public Projects

Latest News

<aside> ✅ Xycloans passes proof of intent for SCF #12


Xycloans passed the proof of intent review for SCF #12, now you can borrow through one of ours flash loans on futurenet: Fingers crossed to get awarded by the SCF.

<aside> ✍️ @Tommaso’s Developer Spotlight published.


Check out @Tommaso’s developer spotlight on the stellar developers blog.

<aside> 🤖 Released soroban-analyzer.


We released the first version of soroban-analyzer, a CLI tool that detects gas inefficiencies in Soroban rust code. The analyzer doesn’t have many checks yet, but we’re more than happy to continue adding more as new suggestions arrive and Soroban advances in development.

<aside> ❤️ Stellar Community Fund Winners [Dec 2022]


We are proud to share that sTeX qualified 8th in the SCF round #11, enough for us to win! Receiving $17000 is a huge opportunity for us and for our project, and we will make sure to give back to the Stellar community!

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