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Stellar + Soroban


Mercury is an innovative subscription-based indexer we are currently developing. Its design makes for a customizable, cost efficient data aggregator that interoperates along with tooling like the alert system and the code execution environment.



A liquidity and flash loans protocol built on the Soroban VM. xycLoans is completely decentralized with 0 fees and one of the first projects written on Soroban.

General Purpose

Zephyr VM (and SDK)

A Virtual Machine implementation for safely executing WASM modules in a sandboxed environment, with bindings to a generic database and managed memory layout to access XDR data. Also the core of Mercury's code execution environment.

Our Mission.

Our mission at Xycloo is to drive innovation by crafting Stellar-based solutions. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining protocols that strive to impact how services are delivered within blockchain networks.

Through our projects and open-source contributions (such as utility crates and SDKs) we are currently committed to power a better DeFi experience on Soroban.

About our team.

Our team has been working on Stellar for more than three years and has been focusing on Soroban since the early releases in August 2022. Our lead developer, Tommaso, is an expert developer focusing on Rust and WASM. He is also currently a part time SDF contractor helping to build educational resources and games around Soroban.

Graduated in economics and management, our project manager Federico has always been passionate about blockchain developments focusing specifically on decentralized finance, having gained over time a deep understanding of the dynamics of the industry.

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