Xycl is building projects on the Stellar Network.

Public Projects

We are working on multiple projects, but these are the ones that are production-ready.


Modern LaTeX could editor integrating a decentralized markteplace powered by Stellar Turrets.


A native open-source coin mixer on the Stellar Network. Powered by Zero Knowledge proofs.

About Xycloo

Xycloo is an independent ecosystem that aims to provide solutions of different kinds on the Stellar Network. Our team's interests are finance, cryptography, and development, which are a perfect match to work in the Decentralized Finance field.

We are currently working on three projects (including sTeX), yet, given the prematureness of Soroban smart contracts, we don't want to share much about our prototypes.

Our team is working closely with the early releases of Soroban to guarantee a deep understanding of the environment we are planning to deploy in.